How much will my visit cost?

It’s what everyone wants to know, and we want to be transparent about our fees. We also want to make getting the care you need as affordable as possible. That’s why we have guidelines we can use to reduce the cost of a visit, if you qualify. We call these guidelines our Sliding Fee Scale.

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How does the sliding fee scale work?

Our sliding scale applies to those with no health insurance as well as those with certain types of coverage. Use our fee calculator above, and then talk with us to see if you qualify when you call to make an appointment.

Our fee calculator estimates discounts based primarily on two factors:

  1. Household size

  2. Monthly household income

There is one set of discounts that apply to our medical, vision and behavioral health services, and a separate set that apply to our dental services. You can use the calculator above to see what your discount might be.

Please be aware that this fee calculator is showing an estimate only of your possible discount based on the information you submitted. Final qualification comes when we receive your proof of income.

Do you take my insurance?


It’s a simple answer because we simply accept every kind of insurance available.

Lately, a lot of private practices have been refusing to take new Medicare patients. But at GraceMed, Medicare and Medicaid patients are always welcome, right along with the private plans of every insurer in Kansas.