For those times when faith is the best medicine, we're here to help.

We provide medical, dental and behavioral health care to people of all faiths and no faith at GraceMed. We do it as an act of love, obedient to Christ's commandment that we love one another in the same way he loved us — unconditionally.

But we know that life takes its toll on our spirit as surely as it does our bodies. Just as battling a prolonged illness can weigh on your sense of well-being, so too, can a troubled spirit rob you of the energy, hope and enthusiasm that drive the quality of your life.

Sometimes it can help enormously just to have a listening ear. Maybe you had a faith once and you've lost it along the way. Maybe you've suffered great loss or you're overwhelmed by a problem you can't solve alone. One of the really wonderful things about GraceMed is that your care providers are people who take their faith to work. They won't impose their beliefs on you. But they will be there for you whenever you need to share with someone who really cares.

Our Spiritual Care is guided by the leadership of our Chaplain Manager, Steve Slack and our Topeka Chaplain, Clarence Newton.


Steve Slack

Chaplain Manager


Clarence Newton

Topeka Chaplain

Pastor Steve comes to us from the staff at Pathway Church in Wichita. Pastor Clarence is also the Lead Pastor of Great Commission Baptist Church near Washburn University. Both of our pastors are experienced spiritual counselors who have large hearts for serving others. They will pray with you and for you. They can also put you in touch with a wide range of faith-centered resources for help with specific needs you may have.

You can contact Pastor Steve Slack by calling our main Wichita number, (316) 866-2000. Pastor Clarence Newton can be reached in Topeka at (785) 861-8800.

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