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Helping You Get The Medications You Need.

At GraceMed, we know the cost of prescriptions can often be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have adequate insurance coverage. The Prescription Assistance Program at GraceMed helps qualified patients take advantage of plans offered by a number of pharmaceutical companies to get your medications at no cost to you.

The program requires you to go through an application process with each new prescription you receive. GraceMed will help you complete your application. We will also provide samples, as available, to get you started while your application is being processed. The application process typically takes about one month to complete. If samples are not available, you may have to purchase a limited supply at an area pharmacy.

There are some requirements you have to meet in order to qualify for the Prescription Assistance Program.

You are required to:

  • Keep required appointments
  • Provide written documentation of income as stipulated by the pharmaceutical companies
  • Sign your application form within 10 days of receiving notification
  • Update any change of address or phone number
  • Provide truthful information
  • Samples are provided by prescription only, and only your provider can write your script.

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