GraceMed has started limited testing for COVID-19 at 1150 N. Broadway, Wichita KS.  Here is the information about the testing process at GraceMed, click the question to see the answers.  For additional information, please visit our Coronavirus Preparedness page.
For testing in McPherson, please contact the McPherson Hospital: (620) 241-2250 , in Topeka please contact Stormont Vail Hospital: (785) 354 – 6000

Who can be tested?

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) has set guidelines for testing.  We will ask you questions to determine if testing is necessary.

  • Have you been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19?  If so, are you now experiencing any of these symptoms:
    1. Fever of more than 100° F
    2. Cough
    3. Decreased ability to breathe
    4. Chills or shivering
    5. Felt more tired than normal
    6. Muscle aches and pain
    7. Headache
    8. Sore throat
    9. Loss of smell or taste
  • You haven’t been exposed that you know about but:
    You’re suffering from upper respiratory symptoms or
    You have some of the following symptoms:

    1. Fever of more than 100° F
    2. Chills or Shivering
    3. Muscle aches and pain
    4. Tiredness, more than normal
    5. Headache
    6. Sore throat
    7. Smell or taste disorder that is new
  • Are you unsure of whether you’ve been exposed but you now have a fever of 100° F or higher along with other symptoms?

Call us for a pre-screening if you meet any of the above criteria 316.866.2000

Is there a cost for the COVID-19 test?

The COVID-19 test itself is at no cost to the patient.

  • If you are a documented homeless patient, the cost for the visit and the test is at no cost to you.
  • If you are self-pay, the visit is based on your ability to pay (click here for preliminary information for the sliding fee schedule) with a minimum fee of $25.
    • Special Note: While we have self-pay COVID-19 funds, there will be NO CHARGE to you as a patient.
  • If you are insured, as part of the CARES Act, which requires health insurers to cover all testing costs without imposing any co-pays or deductibles, the visit is at no charge to you.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, an appointment is required. Please call 316.866.2000 and a nurse can evaluate you over the phone and determine if you meet criteria for testing.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring a photo ID with you, along with proof of address.

Where do I go for testing?

Our drive-thru testing is set up on the north side of our administration building at 1150 N. Broadway, the corner of 11th and Broadway. We have cones set up to direct you through the process.

What is the testing process?

When you come for a COVID-19 test, you may first be screened for influenza (if indicated) based on the KDHE criteria. COVID-19 testing follows in those who meet the testing criterion.

We now have 10-minute testing that samples a drop of blood from your fingertip.  If that is positive, we will then do the nasal swab to get your viral load which helps determine how far along you are with the virus.

The nasal swab involves placing a sterile swab, like a long, very thin straw, at the back of your nasal passage for several seconds. It’s a little bit uncomfortable but you can still breathe and talk. After a sample is collected, the swab goes into a liquid-filled tube for transport to the testing lab. 

How long does the drive-thru testing process take?

The collection itself takes several seconds. The entire encounter, including check-in and completing paperwork, may take as long as 30 minutes.

When will I know the results?

We expect to learn results in three to eight days. It all depends on the volume and capacity of the testing labs.

How will I know the results?

Our local health department will reach out to you as soon as results are obtained.

What happens if I am positive?

We will contact you and talk with you about your specific situation. Most people who catch the virus can stay home and recover on their own with plenty of liquids and rest. We will also notify the KDHE. Please read the CDC information on what to do if you are sick.

If I am positive, what happens to my family and household?

Anyone with symptoms of COVID-19 is encouraged to isolate as much as possible from other people. If you have a positive result, you will have to continue the isolation. We will recommend that your family members monitor themselves for symptoms.

What happens if I am negative?

If you are negative, you probably were not infected at the time your specimen was collected. But, a negative test result does not rule out getting sick later.

What happens if I am negative but still feel bad – can I be retested?

It is possible that you were very early in your infection at the time of your specimen collection. If your symptoms worsen, you should contact your provider, who will determine if you meet the criteria for another test.

What if I don’t have insurance?

We provide testing regardless of if you have insurance or not.

What if I am not a patient of GraceMed?

You don’t have to be a GraceMed patient to be tested, simply call 316.866.2000 for pre-screening and an appointment.

Where do we send our patients who test positive?

Most patients with COVID-19 can be cared for at home. We provide education to help patients manage their symptoms and reduce the spread to others. All patients are educated about warning signs that indicate they should go to the emergency room.

Is GraceMed required to report all results?

Yes, we report results to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE)