The Story of a Community Coming Together to Revitalize Its Capacity for Healing

Project Wellspring is a capital campaign to raise funds for a new community health clinic in Topeka, Kansas. We're working with Stormont Vail Health and the Shawnee County Commission to expand our capacity to deliver quality health care to underserved residents.

Since coming to Topeka in the summer of 2016, our goal has been to expand both the capacity for care and the scope of medical services in Topeka. As an important first step, we've acquired a site for a new clinic at 1400 S.W. Huntoon, a former Dillon's grocery store. When completed, this new facility will replace our Capitol Family Clinic currently located on the grounds of Stormont Vail Health.

Contributions to Project Wellspring will allow us to transform the building from a grocery store to a health clinic. But the campaign is about more than renovating a building.

It's about bringing healing and a better quality of life to tens of thousands of Shawnee County residents. Then, as we make health care more accessible throughout Greater Topeka, the community as a whole will get healthier, in its workforce, its economy and its potential for growth.