Introducing our new website

This year, we’ve expanded to reach new communities throughout Kansas — with more on the way. To better serve our increasingly diverse audience of patients and community partners, we've launched a new website.

This new website puts patients first. It is easier to read and navigate on the computer of your choosing — whether a traditional PC or one that fits in your pocket.

Did you know about half of all Americans have some sort of vision impairment? That's one reason we've made our new website easier to read on handheld devices.

Did you know about half of all Americans have some sort of vision impairment? That's one reason we've made our new website easier to read on handheld devices.

You can also quickly find the clinic nearest to you, and each clinic page will include profiles of our providers to give you a better picture of the people who provide care for you and your family.

We've also introduced an in-depth history of GraceMed to tell the story of our how our ministry’s humble beginnings in a 3rd floor classroom at St. Paul's Methodist Church.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll update our news feed regularly, and we’ll add more features to the website, such as interactive forms for you to share your feedback and let us know how we can better serve you. 

We hope you’ll visit us regularly to look for what’s new on our site and what’s new in our continuing mission to serve the underserved at GraceMed. 

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Coming to McPherson: GraceMed makes its first foray into rural Kansas

There are more than 8,000 low-income residents living in and around McPherson, Kansas. Many of them are living without health insurance. When they need medical care, they have to drive to Hutchinson, Newton or Salina – or they visit the ER at McPherson Hospital. Those who have insurance often have to leave town as well because local private practices don't have the capacity to accept new patients.

It’s just the kind of underserved environment that demands a provider like GraceMed.

Selected by a group of community leaders headed by the McPherson Healthcare Foundation, we'll be moving into a new location on Main Street in the spring of 2017.  The building is the historic site of the James Smalley & Company Seed Building, constructed in 1888. Restoration is now underway, and our new clinic will be the anchor tenant on the first floor when the work is complete.

The clinic will offer both medical and dental services. Delta Dental has donated $50,000 for the purchase of dental equipment for the expansion. Another $250,000 grant from an anonymous donor is also helping to make the move into McPherson possible.

If you're in the McPherson area and would like to know when the new clinic will open, sign up for our newsletter.

We have proven our ability, not only to serve underserved patients well, but to take our practice model to diverse locations and implement it successfully. We’ve expanded throughout Wichita’s underserved neighborhoods. We’re growing in Topeka. Now we’re looking for more rural Kansas communities where we can help.
— Dave Sanford, CEO
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Say Hello to a Healthier Topeka

A homegrown, Kansas solution for a healthier Topeka.

The two Shawnee County Community Health Centers in Topeka have become a part of GraceMed Health Clinic, Inc. We were invited to Shawnee County by members of the local community based on our ability to efficiently and effectively manage community health.

Gracemed Comes to Topeka

More care. Not less.

We’re here to expand capacity for primary care, uninsured and underinsured residents. We plan to serve five times the number of patients currently served over the next five years.

Dentistry, Optometry & Pharmacy, too.

Soon you’ll come to GraceMed for a wider range of services than currently provided — like dentistry, optometry and a new pharmacy, too. We want to be your medical home, delivering holistic care and enhancing the quality of life for all our patients.

What’s good for our patients will be good for Topeka.

At GraceMed, we’re all about Kansans helping Kansans to serve Topeka’s community health needs better. Down the road, we’ll employ more of greater Shawnee County’s residents in our clinics. Fewer uninsured residents will seek care in local emergency rooms. And employers will appreciate having a healthier workforce.

It will take a while to implement these changes. You can continue seeing your current medical provider at the same health clinic where you have always gone. And new patients are welcome at GraceMed. We accept Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance. We also offer a sliding fee scale for uninsured patients.

Locations & Hours of Operation

GraceMed Highland Park Family Clinic
2025 SE California Avenue, Topeka, KS
Mon, Wed, Fri from 8am to 5pm
Tue & Thu from 8am to 7pm

GraceMed Capitol Family Clinic
1615 SW 8th Avenue, Topeka, KS
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri from 8am to 5pm
Thu from 10am to 7pm

You can now make an appointment at either location. Shawnee County residents can call our new phone number: (785) 861-8800.

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