Network with Aaron Scales


It’s 8:30 on a Tuesday morning, and over in the call center, a new employee is having trouble accessing the server.  She’s a little nervous.  Everything is new, and she wonders if she did something wrong as she submits a request for IT assistance.  A few minutes later, help arrives in the form of Aaron Scales, the 6′ 9″ quiet giant of GraceMed IT.

“If there is a stereotype of an IT guy, Aaron’s probably not it.” said Keith Flippin, GraceMed’s Chief Information Officer.  “There’s probably not a lot of power-forward pro basketball players who can diagnose information systems issues the way he can.  He’s been a great addition to our team, and one reason that I really appreciate is how good he is at being a part of the team.”

It’s a skill Aaron has had a lot of opportunities to refine playing basketball at both the college and semi- pro level around the globe.  He played for Cleveland State University for four years while getting his degree in Digital Film and Media, then went on to get a Master’s degree in computer science from North Carolina A & T where he was able to play out a fifth year of eligibility and earn a place among North Carolina’s top ten players that year.

As much as he loved hard drives and network servers, though, Aaron carried with him a passion for driving hard to the net as well.  he got the opportunity to play on with Athletes in Action, the Christian amateur basketball organization.  “We played all over the world, but I think I’ll remember our trip to the Philippines in 2013 the most.  A typhoon had just hit the islands when we got there, so we all got involved in relief work.  We distributed food and clothing and played some games with some of the kids in the area, just to take their minds off what they had just been through.  It was also a great chance to share our faith.”

In his time at here at GraceMed, he’s been a part of the Wichita Wizards before COVID shut them down and has now reemerged on the new replacement team, the Midtown Prestige.  As of this writing, he’s established himself as the team’s second leading scorer with 14.2 points per game and the top rebounder among the 23 teams in the basketball league.  Not surprising that a guy so good at clearing up problems behind our computer screens would also be great at clearing the boards under the glass at Koch Arena.

GraceMed Night at the Prestige

Come out to support Aaron and the Prestige in a game against Little Rock, Saturday, June 19 and $5 from your ticket price will be donated to GracMed.  The game starts at 3:00 pm at Koch Arena.  To purchase tickets, please visit this link.

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