More Services for More of the Underserved

In Shawnee County, the two community health clinics have provided limited access to affordable medical care, and virtually no health care in other clinical areas. GraceMed’s presence will expand the capacity for medical care and the range of health care services provided to the underserved.

Having a medical home that serves as a one-stop shop for all the medical needs in a family is no less important for Topeka's underserved than it is for any other residents. Our new clinic will provide dentistry, optometry, behavioral health care and an in-house pharmacy where medications can be purchased through programs designed to lower their cost.

  • Our dentists will offer preventative and restorative dental care for children and adults, and our oral outreach program will send hygienists into area schools and retirement communities.
  • Our optometrists will provide an affordable way for low-income families to get the eye care they need, including the their children whose good vision is critical to success in school.
  • Our therapists and psychologists will meet behavioral health needs for those whose limited resources put such care out of reach. Mental health providers will coordinate with primary care professionals to treat the whole patient seamlessly.

A medical home is best built around the needs of the patient. Our new clinic will form the hub of a future network of clinics designed to bring patient-centered care closer to our patients’ homes.