Light of Life

Have you ever been on a trip and gotten lost? Or had the weather become so bad that you were afraid to continue on your journey?  We’ve all had situations or experiences that cause us to become worried or scared.

Several years ago, I went on a fishing trip with a group of good friends.  The first day, we had great fun visiting and fishing.  But we stayed on the lake longer than we should have.  It became dark.  We found ourselves several miles away from our dock.  We were in a small boat with limited fuel and only a flashlight, whistle, map and a compass.

Obviously this is not the ideal situation and it was a bit scary. How would we find our way back without light to guide us?  Could we navigate the lake safely without hitting anything?

Using the flashlight sparingly, we stayed on course slowing down to avoid large rocks and trees arising like monsters in the night.  It was intense!  I still recall the feeling of relief when we finally rounded the last bend and saw the lights of home on the dock about a mile away.   Just knowing that we would make it back safely was a great weight off of us all.

On this journey I couldn’t help but remember that Jesus was with us.  Jesus, The Son of God, is the One True Light worth following.

Just as we made our way toward the lights on the dock, I knew that this baby boy, born in a Bethlehem stable more than 2,000 years ago, remains God’s Way shining His Heavenly Light to lead us home to God.

Jesus IS the Light of the World!

written by GraceMed’s Pastor Stephen Slack

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