Hopecare changes what is possible in the life of the community.

If you are injured or ill and can’t get healthcare, you may not be able to work. Your relationships with others in your family may well begin to suffer. And, of course, there’s no telling how long your body can absorb whatever toll your condition is taking on it.

If you have no insurance, you are likely to put off the care you need until you have no option but to seek treatment in a hospital emergency room. That can be a costly decision for both the hospital and you.

GraceMed is unique among medical providers in our area because of the expanded capacity we have to make a broader impact on the health of an entire community. By making healthcare accessible to those who have the least access to it, we strengthen the ties that bind these threatened families together.

We keep more employees on the job more often, enhancing the productivity of area businesses. We also keep more of their children in school for more of the school year. Measure that impact in a more promising future for your kids. And we free up the resources that hospitals would otherwise expend providing primary care in expensive emergency room settings.

Other community health clinics are doing the same important work. But in south-central Kansas, only GraceMed has the widely dispersed network of clinics capable of making the kind of impact that can really make a difference. More than healthcare, we deliver transformative Hopecare, one carefully served patient at a time.

Hopecare makes a lasting impression.