Health care that works for today's workforce

You’ve probably said it more times than you can count — Your employees are your most valuable asset.

Their knowledge, skills, and commitment are the energy that drives your business forward. That’s why you use every training opportunity to build their potential, and you compete to attract and retain their talents. But if you're like many employers today, health benefits are getting far too difficult to offer.

Many employers can't afford to offer health coverage. Others can offer health benefits only by reducing employees' paychecks. Deductibles rise, benefits are less beneficial. and going to the doctor becomes unaffordable. That's not good for your employees’ health – or their job performance.


Productivity losses linked to absenteeism cost employers $225.8 billion annually in the United States, or $1,685 per employee.

If you can't afford to provide group health plans, you can still offer your employees a more affordable way to get health care.

That's where GraceMed comes in. We specialize in providing healthcare to those who can't afford it. We take the insured and uninsured alike. For those who qualify, we even reduce our charges on a sliding scale that's based on their household income.

A pattern of success in building healthier communities

We now provide care for 1 in every 10 Wichita residents. There are 12 clinics in Wichita, and our expansions into Topeka and McPherson add to our footprint in the state.

Our formula of nonprofit, private healthcare is in demand. Patients like it because it’s helping to bring the cost of medical services back down to more affordable levels. Hospitals and community leaders like it because GraceMed provides an alternative to the emergency room care that inflates health care costs for everyone.

We’re often located next to schools in the neighborhoods we serve because we know that, for most families, keeping the kids healthy is key to keeping the whole family healthy. And if we can keep your kids in school for more of the school year, we can take some of the stress and tension out of your employees’ other job: being a parent.

GraceMed is in the business of making high-quality health care more accessible to more Kansans. We’ve been doing it since 1979. As a Federally Qualified Health Center, we are required to meet annual measures that go beyond the normal standard of care, always putting best practices first.

We're also the total package when it comes to health care for your employees. GraceMed provides primary medical, dental, vision and behavioral health care. All under the same accessible, affordable business model. All with the same commitment to the highest quality care.

GraceMed can be your partner for a healthier workforce

We'd like to meet with you to introduce our services and the ways we make health care more accessible for working families. We can come to your company to discuss ways that we can help you build a healthier workforce. 

Depending on your goals, we may be able to:

  • create a network plan for your employees that controls the cost of their health care
  • set up wellness services for your employees' families
  • provide on-site dental screenings and eye exams

For more information, complete the form below or call Nancy Duling at (316) 252-8720.