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Volunteering to Help

For the non-runners among us, there are a lot of ways to be a part of the fun on race day without working up a sweat. Each year, it’s our volunteers who really make the race happen. You can help the runners stay on track on our course direction team, help with race day registration and check in or even help us set up the course before the runners arrive. Volunteering is always a great way to show your support for GraceMed and our mission while getting an up close and personal view of all the fun.

Volunteer opportunities include:

Course Set-up: These volunteers help set up cones, barricades, etc. around the race course. Once the race course is set, they’re free to go, or to stay and help with something else or cheer on the race participants.

Costumed Greeters: Dress up as a Pilgrim or turkey in GraceMed-supplied outfits, then greet participants and help foster a fun, Thanksgiving ambiance.

Course Direction: These volunteers stand in locations along the course to keep the runners from veering down the wrong street. They’re usually in small groups, so you can volunteer to do this job with your friends.

Refreshments:Prepare cut fruit or organize the tables before the event then distribute refreshments (usually fruit, muffins and water) to participants as they finish the race.

Water Station: Keep our runners hydrated, handing cups of water to them as they pass by on their way to the finish line.

All volunteers receive a special t-shirt to wear at the event, post-race refreshments, and more.

To volunteer or ask questions, please contact Kelly Peters (