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Your CHIP times are here – for every year.

At GraceMed, we deeply appreciate everyone’s participation in making the Say Grace Race Wichita’s largest, local 5K. So we feel a real responsibility to keep track of your hard-earned times, not just for this year’s race, but every race we’ve run. We encourage you to do as many of our racers do and return each year to race against your personal best time.

2021 Say Grace Race Winners & Results

2021 Grace Race Winners

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2019 Winners & Results

2019 Say Grace Race Winners
Ashlyn Glann, Omaha NE in 19:01 and Chris Burnett, Wichita KS in 15:17

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2018 Winners & Results

Sharon Ceja & Gage Garcia
Sharon Ceja, Overall Women’s Winner at 18m 58s and Gage Garcia, Overall Men’s Winner at 15m 23s

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2017 Winners & Results

Sharon Ceja, Overall Female Winner and Evan Landes Overall Male Winner

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2016 Winners & Results

2016 Winners
Amber Eichkorn, Overall Female Winner: 17m 46s and Evan Landes Overall Male Winner: 14m 42s

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2015 Winners & Results

2015 Winners
Julie Thornton, Overall Female Winner: 19m 4s and Chris Burnett, Overall Male Winner: 15m 23s

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2014 Winners & Results

2014 Winners
Kim Tuhro, Overall Female Winner: 18m 36s and Benjamin Zywicki, overall male winner: 15m 10s

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2013 Winners & Results

2013 Winners
Passa Cheruiyot, Overall Female Winner: 17m 0s and Javier Ceja, Overall Male Winner: 15m 34s

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2012 Winners & Results

2012 winners
Jordan Arnold, Overall Female Winner at 17m 53s and Javier Ceja, Overall Male Winner at 15m 39s

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2011 Winners & Results

2011 winners
Sarah Kincaid, Overall Female Winner: 20m 23s and Tom O’Connell, Overall Male Winner: 16m 17s

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