Run a Safer Race Before You Feed Your Face

As our faithful racers know, COVID-19 is still a concern. This year, with different variants still threatening the health of so many of us, we still have to be careful and respect the contagiousness of the virus.

We have high hopes that, by race day, vaccinations will be way up and the chance of infection way down. Dependent on the status of the epidemic, however, we are prepared to implement some additional safety measures. We’ll keep you posted through social media as we get closer to Thanksgiving to let you know about any specific changes we need to make.

If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, you can do that right here at GraceMed. You can call us at (316) 866-2000 to make an appointment of just walk in at 1150 N. Broadway. And get ready to run a safe race on behalf of all the underserved in Wichita.