Which color will you choose?

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Whether thinking of your mother, grandmother, or someone who is like a mom to you, May 10th is her special day. Honor the most important woman in your life with a commemorative brick in our Pathway of Hope.

The Pathway of Hope is a commemorative brick walkway at the entrance to our Administration Center at 1150 N. Broadway in Wichita. Your special brick will bear the engraved names of those you designate to be honored as a meaningful gift or remembrance.

When you purchase a brick, you’ll be helping to bring the hope that being in good health can bring to the most vulnerable among us. At the same time, you can create a permanent tribute to the woman who means the most in your life.

More than a bouquet of flowers, your gift will provide an enduring reminder of the love that only a mother can give. Like her love, this gift will last a lifetime.

“We’ll incorporate the Pathway of Hope into a complete, xeriscape design that will run the length of our building. Part of what we wanted to do when we moved here was to help restore an older part of Wichita. The Pathway of Hope memorializes that effort as a labor of love for the whole community. It will tell the story of a city that comes together to help those in need for many years to come.”
— Nancy Duling, Gracemed Director Development.

Become part of the Pathway of Hope

Start by choosing your preferred size and color. Bricks come in your choice of 2 colors: Cinnamon and Caribbean. And you may choose from two sizes: 4″ x 8″ (starting at $100) or 8″ x 8” (starting at $250)

Brick in 8 x 8
8″ x 8″ brick

4″ x 8″ brick

Caribbean color

Cinnamon color