Adopt A PatientUnfortunately, more and more of us struggle to afford healthcare these days.

GraceMed is able to provide care for thousands of patients through our Voucher Fund which is supported by generous donations from the community. Knowing that there are many of us who would prefer to help on a more personal basis, GraceMed is developing a new program called Adopt-A-Patient.

Respecting the privacy of our patients and their health information is critical, so the Adopt-A-Patient program will operate under guidelines that include obtaining the fully-informed consent of the patients who are eligible to participate. We will develop a roster of candidates who either do not have insurance or who have high-deductible plans and are facing substantial expenses related to their care.

“For patients who are willing to share their stories, we want to create opportunities to connect with someone who cares enough to help them personally. It’s a great chance for someone who wants to help to connect with individual patients and build relationships of trust and compassion.”
— Dave Sanford, GraceMed CEO

How to participate in the Adopt-a-Patient Program

If you’re interested in adopting a patient or participating as a patient receiving benefits from the program, please complete the form below.