Are you looking for a new career?

Working at GraceMed Health Clinic Inc is more than employment.  It’s a real opportunity to make a difference. You’re part of a team that is changing what is possible in the lives of our patients and making our community stronger as well. We are growing with the growth in demand for community health services, so there’s a future here you can build. And you’ll find that working in an environment where genuinely caring for others is the mission creates an atmosphere of respect and appreciation among your coworkers as well.

I feel happy coming to work and doing what I do . . .  if you do something you enjoy as the saying goes, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  My career here at GraceMed has given me a feeling of comfort and fulfillment throughout the years.  I am truly grateful. ~ Noe Cuellar, Dental Assistant

If you are a healthcare provider, a physician, APRN, physician assistant or dentist, practicing at GraceMed will be a unique opportunity to focus more of your day on serving your patients. You are given the support you need. And, within your GraceMed Health Clinic, you’ll practice with a level of autonomy that rivals a private practice.

In addition, if you have federal educational loans, you may qualify for loan forgiveness benefits of up to $25,000 per service year.

Help us give the gift of healing.