A Healthy Dose Of Education

An important part of our mission as healthcare providers is to increase the public's awareness of how to take care of their health. Our Education Outreach teams regularly meet with community groups in schools and public health events.

Our Dental Outreach teams include licensed hygienists who are certified to provide dental screenings, cleanings, fluoride varnishing and other services on-site at retirement communities, community centers, Head Starts and churches.

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Do you need to complete a consent form so your child can receive dental care services at school?

Families can now complete the dental consent form on our website.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange for one of our Outreach teams to visit your event or facility. Juven Nava, Director of Outreach and Eligibility, can be reached at (316) 866-2015 or jnava@gracemed.org to discuss healthcare outreach opportunities.

Doreen Eyler, RDH, ECP III, our Dental Hygiene Supervisor can be reached at (316) 866-2053 or deyler@gracemed.org to discuss opportunities for dental health screenings and educational events.

Health Insurance Navigation

GraceMed also helps our patients learn more about the Healthcare Insurance Marketplace established as a part of the Affordable Care Act. Our advisors are trained as Navigators in the Marketplace and can help you determine which plan is most beneficial for your healthcare needs.

To talk with our Navigators, call (316) 866-2000.

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