Sharing the Health

She is a single-parent, struggling to feed her children this evening, let alone next week. He is a veteran, home from the horror of war and fighting now to regain his life. They are the working poor, the homeless or countless others whose circumstances leave them disadvantaged or even desperate. Their health is at greatest risk among us and their resources, especially for the care they need, are virtually non-existent.

The health of our community can only be as vital as the health of those who live on the margins of our care grid. Improving their health improves the quality of their lives and their ability to contribute to our community. When we help each other, we are affirming the worth and dignity of everyone, including ourselves.

As a nonprofit provider of health services to the medically undeserved, GraceMed depends on the generosity of donors in our community to help us sustain our mission. Your financial contributions often make an enormous difference in our ability to serve our patients, and we deeply appreciate and value the trust that comes along with those gifts. Honoring that trust with our responsible stewardship of your donations is integral to our mission as a faith-based ministry.

Give our kids their best shot at a healthy school year.

Here’s one way your donation can make a difference. Help us keep kids healthy and in school.

Many of the school-age children we see come from families that struggle to afford the healthcare their kids need. In 2016, 40% of children living in McPherson, Sedgwick and Shawnee counties were not ready to attend kindergarten because their immunizations were not up to date to begin the school year. In 2018, a statewide study found that 15% of Kansas kindergartners were actually attending school without their full complement of vaccinations.

GraceMed also provides physicals for sports activities and eye exams to identify vision problems before they become handicaps to learning. If you want your donation to go to help the children we treat, you can make that designation below on our donation form.


To make a tax-deductible donation, please click the button above.  If you’d like to learn more about contributing to our mission or to make a donation by phone, call Director of Development Kelly Peters at (316) 252-8720 or email

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