Share the health this holiday season

We are making a special request this Christmas.

Please consider making an ongoing, monthly donation to help us provide care for those in our community who cannot afford the healthcare services they need.

Of course, we’re grateful if you choose to make a one-time donation. But let us show you how a monthly contribution can help the underserved. You’ll be surprised how far a monthly gift goes:

ornament 1


Help our homeless outreach counselors bring opportunities for a better life to hundreds of the homeless.

ornament 2


Provide dental cleanings, x-rays and fillings that can alleviate pain while restoring a patient’s confident smile.

ornament 3


Provide a vision exam for seniors that can detect conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetes.

Ornament 4


Provide prenatal counseling for women with at-risk pregnancies. Giving at this level is also a way to commemorate GraceMed’s 40th Anniversary.

As GraceMed moves into its 40th year of service, we hope you’ll consider a monthly gift at one of these four levels.


We don’t turn anyone away at GraceMed.

We cover the cost of care for those who can’t afford it out of a fund that generous donors like you help us create. And we do it thousands of times in the course of a year.

Please use the form below to make either your recurring monthly or one-time gift to GraceMed during this holiday season. We know that God will bless and magnify your generosity in the lives of the underserved.