Share the health this holiday season

Merry Christmas and thank you for your interest in GraceMed's healthcare ministry. As a faith-based provider, GraceMed cares for the health of the underserved in Wichita, Topeka, and McPherson.

Who are the “underserved”?

They're anyone who has difficulty accessing medical, dental, vision or behavioral health care. They're uninsured or underinsured — or they live in an area that doesn’t have a doctor who is taking new patients.


We don’t turn anyone away at GraceMed.

We cover the cost of care for those who can’t afford it out of a fund that generous donors like you help us create. And we do it thousands of times in the course of a year.

We don’t think of these people as “the least of these.” They are our patients. They need our care. And providing that care is a wonderful, transformative way to express the love of Christ. It restores the health they need to build a better life, and it communicates the simple truth that God loves each one of us and wants us to have that more abundant life that Jesus came to give us.

All of us at GraceMed gratefully welcome your contribution to help us provide this care. If there was ever a time to remember how much we have been given and share from our blessings with others, it surely must be the Christmas Season. When you give your gift to GraceMed, you share in our ministry of healthcare to so many in the community around you.

You are giving them health. And when they have their health, everything is possible for them.