Building a New Future for Two Historic Neighborhoods

The new 23,000 sq.ft. GraceMed Health Clinic will be located just a few minutes south of Stormont Vail Health and St. Francis Health with access to public transportation. We expect 10,000 patients will visit this clinic in a typical year. To accommodate these patients, the facility will include: 

  • 25 medical exam rooms
  • 14 dental operatories
  • An optometry clinic
  • 3 suites for behavioral health consulting
  • A pharmacy

The pod-based design incorporates the latest research on the effective delivery of population-based medicine and the medical home model of care. The new center will also include a large conference room that will be used to support a variety of health education programs and community meetings.

But the vision of Project Wellspring goes well beyond the footprint of the center itself. To fully appreciate the value of the project, you have to understand its relationship to the neighborhood around it.

The new clinic will serve College Hill and Tennessee Town, two beloved Topeka neighborhoods that figure prominently in the city’s history. Taken together with the Highland Park location and a proposed school-based clinic in northeast Topeka, access to health care will improve for thousands of underserved residents.