Hopecare means improving access to health Care where it is needed most.

The reasons that thousands of people in south-central Kansas live off the health care grid essentially boil down to simple economics. For far too many, access to care is obstructed by an inability to pay for either health insurance or the cost of medical services or both.

In Kansas, that’s especially true because the state has opted not to participate in expanded Medicaid coverage. That leaves tens of thousands of residents sitting in the coverage gap between the incredibly low maximum income allowed for Medicaid eligibility and the minimum income required to receive the subsidies that make private insurance affordable through the government’s Health Insurance MarketPlace.

GraceMed stands in that gap for those patients. While many of our patients are on Medicaid and Medicare, we also serve a great many who are either uninsured or underinsured, helping them with their direct cost for our care by reducing our charges on a sliding scale based on their household income.

We also stand in the gap created by the another access issue – the great distances some of us have to drive to see the closest primary care doctor. If you’re a family with less than reliable transportation, that distance can seem insurmountable. So as we have grown our network of clinics, we’ve looked to locate where doctors are needed, especially in more low-income or rural neighborhoods.